Accelerate your foreign expansion


25 years practical experience

Custom design and deliver
companies’ export plans

Establish your company or relocate overseas and avoid costly mistake. Ensure realization of industrial companies’ business plans with export orientation to USA. Extensive experience managing manufacturing, trade and economics.

I am looking for contacts to establish relationships

Relationships with carefully selected contacts are key to success. I will uncover your competitive advantages and use that for contacting business partners.

As an executive manager, involved in everyday life of manufacturing for over 20 years, I understand the landscape and will guide you to effective business partners.

International B2B



Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Continents when I looked and build B2B relationships. Conscientiously and efficiently, I assist build out sales, purchasing, technology and logistics.

Due to relocation to Houston, I’m able to quickly react to all requests from Europe and America.

Business Strategy Build-out

I collaborate with you to create your business strategy for the North American market.

My specialty is process custom design including manufacturing, optimization, technological and logistics.

Expansion Process

  1. Findings and Recommendation Report
  2. Timetable scheduling
  3. Mutual agreement
  4. Contract
  5. Plan realization
  6. Further cooperation






I accelerate your activity

The base premise for our successful cooperation is your experiences with business abroad.  If you are considering expanding overseas, contact an export agency for a base analysis (e.g. Czech Trade)

I roll up my sleeves

Based on our concept, I will prepare an initial assessment which will contain the critical information (overview of market, competitors, approach to partners, overall strategy and more!)

On we agree on terms deliverables include: marketing, strategic business partners, logistics, pricing and risk hedging, initiating communication and adjust where needed. After achieving desired results, deliverables include opening an office, warehouse build-out and local manufacturing.

I am an operating partner – not a consultant

My job is not just giving advice and recommendations. I actively build contacts, seek out potential partners, shine light on the risks and cooperate with you on developing business models, successfully implementing and avoiding costly mistakes.

What is important? Tangible results, we agree on that. Deal is closed when you have money in the bank. Successful investment to technology means fully running without fundamental comments by operator.

Initial Project – Findings and Recommendation Report

Free of Charge

  1. Market research
  2. Recommended companies
  3. Basic contacts
  4. Design concept


CZ auto

My competencies


  1. Pricing
  2. Calculations
  3. Break point


  1. Taxes
  2. Customs duties
  3. Company setup


  1. Land and vessel transport
  2. Containers
  3. Incoterms
  4. Warehouses


  1. Product launch
  2. Materials
  3. Technology
  4. Processes

B2B relationship

  1. Position on the market
  2. Recommended strategy
  3. Building company reputation

Business contact

  1. Initial contact
  2. Company introduction
  3. Contracts
  4. Hedging
  5. Operating needs

Let’s do it